Welcome to YATAGHAN ENTERPRISES, The Pakistani house of Precision Implements, which is the ultimate choice of Health, Hair, Nail, & Beauty conscious people. Founded in the late 90s realizing that the valued customer, YOU, were not getting the best value for money and hence, the end-consumer was buying even the average quality implements at HIGH prices. Yataghan has always strived in offering top notch quality instruments at rather affordable prices with excellent customer service, it set up itís own house in 2000 to offer the best of products i.e., top quality & economical prices. The competitive price and quality production features originate from the Asian manufacturing arena. The end result, an awesome DUO which offers the very best for the very best!

YATAGHANís manufacturing house is situated in the Asian Solingen, Sialkot, the people who are engaged with this house have vast experience in producing highest quality instruments with the help of latest machines and manufacturing techniques. The company not only guarantees an impeccable service, top notch quality and integrity to its clients, it is equally concerned about the beautiful hands that manufacture the products Yataghan Enterprises exports and distributes.

YATAGHAN offers the most comprehensive and sophisticated network to supply merchandise that might interest itís prospective buyers. It has made a niche in the quality business and this is what differentiates it from other manufacturing distributors. The highest benchmark set by YATAGHAN from itís obsession with excellence, does not allow the company to compromise on quality, since the products it offers are professionally designed, beautifully crafted, yet reasonably priced. The company is proud of itís niche in the quality marketplace. Even though many organizations are active in this domain, YATAGHAN does it much more professionally.

Enjoy browsing through the comprehensive web showcase with the satisfaction that the implements offered are of top notch quality and made with the right expertise and immense precision.

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